Our Core Values


Maquillage Detroit believes in giving people opportunities regardless of race, background color, creed, religion, sexual orientation or identity. We are all humans we will regard each and every person on the planet as such.


Maquillage Detroit is diligently and vigorously dedicated to teaching self love as the FIRST form of beauty through the Iridescence Effect. Being a resource to learn about the opportunities for inclusion and giving the motivation to push you towards those endeavors.


Maquillage Detroit is all about artistry, creativity, and imagery. We provide courses, innovations, and information to keep those skills sharp. It easy to let the outside issues get in the way of the artistry. As fellow creatives we will encourage one another and create together.


Maquillage Detroit believes we only have one planet and while we are in the business of beauty we want to be a protecting one. We are advocates for clean beauty. No harmful parabens, no excessive waste of packaging and products. No animal testing